Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd. was established in 1993 as a composite insurance company. We are licensed to underwrite both Life and Non-life business. Over the years we have grown steadily and are now considered one of the leading insurers in the country.




Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd. is committed to providing security and stability to share holders through
• Responsive professional service
• Dynamic products
• Prudent ethical practice
• Respecting social values.




To lead in the promotion of economic growth by providing the insuring public with secure, dynamic and professional services.




A fully trained team of experienced individuals manage our Company and the majority of our senior officers are professionally qualified.


Name Position Qualifications
Mr. Sudhir Sathe General Manager FIII
Mr. Shem Nyamai General Manager ACII
Mr. Wilhem Mugho Asst. General Manager ACII
Mr. J.M. Ayub Asst. Gen. Manager F&A CPA (K)
Mr. J.N. Kimani Asst. Gen. Manager Claims ACII
Mrs. M.W.Kimani Snr U/writing Manager ACII
Mr. Jai Pandit Risk Manager Dip. CII

Our life department has been growing steadily, and our life fund stood at Ksh.381 M as at December 2009. We have declared a 8% return on our Deposit Administration schemes for the year 2009. Total assets of the company are Ksh.1 Billion.


We write various types of insurance which includes Group & Individual Medical Insurance, Group Life and Pensions, Credit Life Insurance, Individual Life and Education Policies and all other Non- Life insurances. However, we do not write PSVs, Marine Hull, General Cartage and Aviation insurances.


We are glad to announce that International Rating Agency GCR has accorded the company a top rating as A-(Single A minus)for national claims paying ability consecutively for the last 4 years. The rating means that Mercantile has high claims paying ability and protection factors. GCR (Global Credit Rating) is the largest rating agency in the African Continent.


We have branches in Mombasa, Nakuru and Thika.